Do you want to be part of the Da Vinci Satellite team? The Da Vinci Satellite project aims to inspire and enthuse the youth about space travel and technology. With the satellite almost being completely designed and entering the last stages where it will be integrated and tested, the main focus will be on the most important part of this project: education.

Therefore, we are looking for new team members in the management team, the business department, and the educational department. All descriptions of these teams are described below. We are looking for part-time members, where the minimum time per week is given with each job type. If you think you are the person that is up for the job, please fill out the application form before the 1st of June.

Do you want to learn more about the project, the current team or the departments you can join? On the 17th, and 21st of May we are hosting interest lunches (12:30-13:45). Here you can ask all questions that you have in mind. Keep an eye on our social media for more information and to keep up to date.


Interest lunches:

 Monday 17th of May 12:30-13:45: link to MS Teams

Friday 21st of May 12:30-13:45 link to MS Teams

Of course, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] in case you have any questions.

Let’s make the educational programme unforgettable for children. Together we will elevate education!

Job discriptions

Core Team

The core team is responsible for keeping an overview of the whole project. There are positions open for team manager, treasurer, business manager, and education manager. These functions will take about 15-20 hours per week.

Team Manager

Are you the person to lead the Da Vinci Satellite team? Do you want to be the face of the team and ensure that the team can perform optimally? We are looking for a team manager that can lead the team, communicate well, and present the project as a whole to the outside world. You will be ultimately responsible for the entire project, have contact with media and partners, and are involved with everyone on the team.

Business Manager

Have you always been interested in interaction with companies and media? Do you have the best sales pitch and a vision for the right strategy? We are looking for a business manager to manage the business team.

As business manager you are responsible for contact with current partners and sponsors. Also, the search for new possible partners is one of the responsibilities. In addition, you will be involved in public relations, aiming to reach as many schools as possible within the Netherlands and beyond.

Education Manager

Are you enthusiastic about teaching the youth about space and technology? Do you have a clear vision of how educational programmes are most fun and educative? We are looking for an education manager to lead the primary and secondary school teams in developing the educational programmes.

You will be responsible for keeping an overview of the progress of both modules and the integration of the satellite within the programme. Next to that, you will be responsible for setting up a plan on how to implement our modules in the schools.

Education Team

Are you enthusiastic about inspiring children about space and technology? Then join the education team! These positions will take about 5-8 hours per week.

The education team consists of two different groups, one focussing on the primary school module and the other on the secondary school module. Both teams mainly focus in creating the content of the educational programmes and getting in contact with schools and teachers. In addition, you will be responsible for the contact with our education partners, like the Spacebuzz project of André Kuipers.

Business Team

Of course, managing all external contact is quite the task for the business manager. Therefore, the business team will give support by helping with managing the partnership and public relations. These positions will take about 5-8 hours per week.

Within the business team, there are two kind of positions available: partnership relations manager and public relations manager. Multiple people will fill these positions. Where the partnership relations managers are responsible for contact with current partners and sponsors, but also for finding new ones, the public relations managers are responsible for outreach by keeping social media up to date, writing press releases, and finding new ways to put the Da Vinci Satellite project in the spotlight.