Help the Da Vinci Satellite team grow with a donation!

Thank you for considering supporting the Da Vinci Satellite team! Our project, non-profit and entirely run by students, always welcomes donations to help keep it running. At this stage in our project, we are in the most need for resources for the development and running of our educational program.

Note: The donation page is run by the TU Delft University Fund and is currently only available in Dutch.

Below, you can understand how your contribution will be used to further our mission:


Our mission is to inspire and enthuse young students about space. In order to achieve this, we carefully craft the material designed for classroom use. Your donations will facilitate the production of these materials, including books, modules, and printing proofs. Furthermore, a very important part of bringing our mission to life is our online educational platform. It is costly to develop it and keep it running, so a significant part of the budget also needs to be allocated for that. By supporting us, you’ll help ensure the platform remains accessible worldwide, offering educational content and interactive learning experiences to children, while allowing ongoing communication between educators and our team.

Other Resources

In addition to educational materials, your donations will support other needs of our team. These include the development of marketing materials which are crucial for expanding our outreach. From organizing events to creating posters and pamphlets, these resources help us to continue to inspire students and reach as many classrooms as possible.

Your generosity will fuel our mission and allow us to continue the next generation of space enthusiasts. Thank you in advance, and feel free to contact our team about any doubts!