On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the ‘Vliegtuigbouwkundige’ Study Association ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, it is the mission to design, build and launch the educational ‘Da Vinci Satellite’. This satellite will provide a direct connection to space for primary and secondary school students.

By means of a teaching package, all satellite data will be brought directly into the classroom to make space more tangible for the children. In this way, students of all ages will be able to learn about space and everything related to space in an interactive way.


Space travel is indispensable in modern everyday life. It is of social importance that people understand what is happening to our Earth. By becoming acquainted with space travel from an early age, children can become inspired and motivated to discover the world. This may have to do with technology, global warming or sustainability in a broader sense.

With the ‘Da Vinci Satellite’, school children can interactively become acquainted with and learn about space and what is involved in it. Youth has the future, so it is important to create awareness. Together we elevate education to a higher level!

To read a more detailed description of our team structure and our planning, download the project outline below.