75 Years of Freedom

(The video on the right is in Dutch)

On May 5th 2020, at 9.oo o’clock all Dutch kids had the opportunity to sing the Kinderbevrijdingslied (Children’s Liberation Song) by the Kleynkoor Academy together, to honour 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands.

The Vliegtuidbouwkudige Studievereniging ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ also celebrates her 75th anniversary this year. They heard about this intitiative by the Kleynkoor Academy to let all children in the Netherlands sing the Kinderbevrijdinglied on Liberationday during the national Children’s aubade. A song that originated from the desire to give children a large awareness of freedom by literally feeling the party that is freedom through singing and dancing. Especially now, during the Covid-19 crisis, not feeling free is often a point of discussion and closely connected to the celebration of freedom.

The VSV, just like the Kleynkoor Academy, thinks it is important to make this know to the whole world and to radiate the message of freedom even beyond it. That is why the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ announces that the Kinderbevrijdinglied will go into space inside the Da Vinci Satellite!

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