Da Vinci Satellite

Elevating Education

The Da Vinci Satellite project is an initiative started by a non-profit student team of Delft University of Technology. Our goal is to inspire and enthuse the youth of the Netherlands for technology and space travel, while emphasizing the impact of space travel on our society.

To this end, the Da Vinci Satellite team intends to put a satellite in orbit around the earth for educative purposes. An accompanying educational programme will offer primary and secondary school students in the Netherlands the opportunity to come interact with space travel.

With the launch and design financed, we are now gathering funds for these educational modules.























Sending a satellite to space is a lot of fun, but it is even more fun if the satellite has an interesting aim as well! The Da Vinci Satellite has been developed such that students in primary and high schools can bring space to their own classrooms…


What makes this project so ambitious and unique is the fact that in order to achieve our goal, we are truly designing, building and launching our own satellite. In order to achieve this incredible goal we have our engineering team of over 50 dedicated engineers solely focused on bringing our own satellite into orbit…

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