By Kim Regnery (Payload Team)

This week we have been focussing on the game cyclus of the Dice Payload. In the video you can see how two of our engineers (Matthijs and Kim) are assembling the Dice Payload. Please note that both engineers have been in quarantine prior to the assembly procedures. In the video you can see the ‘engineering model’, this Dice Payload has the same form, fit, and functionally as the final flight model but for the final version we will most likely redesign the PCB’s, have some slight alterations and do the assembly in a cleanroom. However, with this engineering model we were already able to test the game cycles, these are the steps that the dice payload takes to ‘throw’ the dice, clamp them and eventually take a picture. 

Next week we will show you how this mechanism works, so stay tuned!

-The Payload Team, 

Ragnhild, Jelle, Matthijs, Dan and Kim