By Kim Regnery (Payload Team)

One of the things we recently tested is the game cyclus of our Dice Payload. To read more about the mechanism and assembly go to the post form last week and the week before. In this video you can see how the sweeper moves with the dice. Since this video is taken on earth and we have to cope with the gravity you unfortunately can’t really see the dice moving around too much. One thing you can see however are the LED’s working to counteract any light that would be coming from the earth that you can see in the background. In the final version we would like the earth to be focussed even more, this is something we are currently looking into. Also, the dice are currently all the same colour but we will anodize them in the actual Dice Payload to give them different colours so you can also play a game with for example only two dice by using just the red and blue ones. 

It has been really nice to see the Dice Payload come to life, we will be busy with the tweaking and small alterations but we can’t wait to play our first game of Monopoly using dice that have been thrown over 500 kilometers above us.


-The Payload Team, 

Ragnhild, Jelle, Matthijs, Dan and Kim