By Mels Wittenberg (Finance Team)

I am quite sure that none of you could have missed it in the last few months. Our social media channels were full of it. Multiple status updates were sent throughout the week, especially in the beginning. Of course, I am talking about the online crowdfunding. Everybody will have the possibility to donate until Friday 18 June, after which we will close the crowdfunding! In this blog, I want to look back on the process that was already initiated 1.5 years ago.

As Finance team, we were sure that something in the form of a fundraising was necessary to close the financial gap. Together with the University Fund, we started the process towards an online crowdfunding, which can be quite complex. Different original donations should be chosen, linked with a very special reward. Furthermore, the PR should be planned very carefully.

The goal of the crowdfunding was set at €30,000,-. As a team, we were confident that the target was possible. However, we were amazed by the positive reactions and the number of donations that we received in the first three weeks. At the moment of writing, we are only €1,500,- away from the goal. So if you did not donate already, please click on this link. Every euro is appreciated and will help us with developing the educational modules or launching the satellite.

-The Finance Team

Floor, Japer, Leanne, Mathijs, Max, Mels, Nina, Sander & Sybren


We have surpassed our goal of €30,000,-! The cowdfunding is still open for additional donations that will all go towards educational purposes, to teach as many children as possible about the wonders of space. Thank you for all your kind donations!


Of target donations reached