By Stef Crum (Technical Manager)

I got the pleasure of joining this tremendous project in 2019. At the time I was appointed as the project manager of this new idea that was just starting. With the DSE (Design Synthesis Exercise) wrapped up a couple of weeks before, we had some basic design details to start with, and a vague idea of what we wanted the educational modules to look like. With that original team of about 15 people, we started, and I am extremely happy to see what it has developed into. Despite all the challenges, this team grew to almost 70 people strong and we are on the brink of launching an educational module, as well as a satellite. I am proud of everything we have achieved with this project, and am looking forward to the next steps.

In my first year at Da Vinci Satellite, as the project manager, I got to lead this project through its original steps and growing pains. During that year I believed we truly established the identity and goals of this project, as well as the basis from which the project could grow into what it currently is.

Then, in the second year, I made the switch towards the technical aspect and took on the responsibilities of the technical manager role. In this year, our satellite went from a technical design with many missing aspects to a fully developed design that has gone through several reviews and will soon start production.

During these years, not only the project developed, but I did as well. This project has taught me more than I could’ve ever expected, and seeing my own growth has been great. Both in technical skills, as well as in social skills, I believe that I have learnt a large amount in this project. The cherry on the cake is that in a couple months I will get to say that a satellite which I helped design/build will be orbiting Earth.

I am very excited to see the next steps of this project and saddened that I cannot be a part of it, as I’m leaving Delft. I am looking forward to seeing the launch of the educational module, the thought of our educational module being taught is as exciting as ever. However, the biggest thing that I will want to see is the launch of our satellite.  The idea that we, as students, will have brought a satellite into space remains an awesome milestone that I will never forget.